My Puzzles of 'him'

There are a lots of puzzles in our life. Either we manage to solve it or not.
Or even, either we noticed about that or not at all.
For me, in many puzzles, there is one which is quit important and a big issues for my life.
In our journey of busy life, sometimes we will meet something and actually it was appeared all the time, the unexpected thing.
Because, life is not promises and Allah won't easily give the servants the light burden.
As Allah say in Quran (Al-Ankaboot, 29:2-4);
"Do men think that they will be left alone on saying "We believe" and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false. Do those who practise evil think that they will get the better of us? Evil is their judgment!"

There are a lots of mysteries that Allah didn't tell us.
One of it, of course our future partner till Jannah. InsyaAllah.
And, that puzzles for me is a most important and prestigious at this moment.
Either I am, meet the right person or not. Only Allah knows that.
And, as a servant to HIM. I just only can ask HIM to give me a strength and make the puzzle easier to be answered.

At this moment the blog is updated, I just pray the best for my life, my religious, and end of my life in a better way.
Of course, whatever happen in future is Allah wills.
But, I still have a choice. Because, life is full of choices.
So, I choose to make a first step.
"soal dapat atau tidak itu soal nombor 2 yang penting, buat yang TERBAIK"! [itu kata-kata saya dalam setiap kursus MAP, dan kini kata-kata itu cukup tegar di hati dan minda saya!]

Pray for me. As you read this post.

Your time and du'a is most appreciated. May Allah give you the best for your life.

Expect the Unexpected!